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A part of Wisconsin's scenic Indianhead Country, the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area is located in beautiful Burnett County, just north of the Village of Grantsburg. At 30,000 acres, Crex is one of the largest state owned wildlife areas in Wisconsin.

Black Bear ~photo by Gary Meyer, winner of the Wildlife category of the 2016 Crex Meadows Nature Photography Contest.  To see all the winning photos, click here.

This intensively managed property is home to over 280 species of birds, at least 96 butterflies, and 720 species of plants. A wide variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects also reside here. Originally part of the Wisconsin Pine Barrens, it is now the state's largest remaining portion of this globally endangered ecosystem. The rare sedge marsh and brush prairie habitats make the area a utopia for wildlife, which in turn, makes Crex a paradise for bird watchers, naturalists, botanists, hunters, and all other hearty explorers who are interested in the great bounty that nature offers.

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    Donations are accepted by mail, directly at the visitor center with cash, check or credit card, or using PayPal.  Forms are available on the donations page for the various projects that you can donate to.  

Please be sure to indicate in the message space on your donation on the PayPal site what the designated purpose of your donation is; Endowment Fund, Land Acqusition Fund, Mess Hall Fund, General Fund, in memory/honor of someone, or for membership dues.   You can also send this information in a separate email to information@crexmeadows.org after the donation is made.


Most people are aware that the Wildlife Management Areas in Wisconsin, including Crex Meadows, Fish Lake, Amsterdam Sloughs and Danbury Wildlife Areas are funded primarily by hunting license fees and taxes on hunting ammunition and other equipment, but how can non-hunting wildlife enthusiasts support Crex Meadows and Wildlife Management?  Click here to learn how.

The visitor center is open from 8am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday.  Stop in for maps of the wildlife areas and to learn about recent wildlife sightings.  Of course, the Wildlife Areas are always open and there are no entry fees. 


We have many partners that share our vision and goal of conserving wildlife and public land, as well as educating the public about wildlife conservation.  Go to our Partners Page for info about these organizations.


From the Wisconsin DNR web page about wildlife areas:  Wisconsin can take pride in its vast treasure of natural resources, particularly its wildlife. Since 1876, the Wisconsin has been acquiring land to meet conservation and recreation needs. Public lands managed by the DNR provide many opportunities and public spaces for you and your family to hunt, fish, trap, hike, canoe or watch and photograph wildlife.

All wildlife areas are managed to sustain the wildlife and natural communities found on the properties and to provide a full range of traditional outdoor recreational uses. These include hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking and nature study. 

Legal information Section 23.09 (2) (d) 3., State Stats., provides legislative authority and direction for the acquisition and management of state wildlife areas. The primary purpose of state wildlife areas as stated in this statute is to provide "areas in which any citizen may hunt, trap or fish". Section 23.11 (1), Stats., provides for the general care, protection and supervision of state lands. Section 23.30, Stats., deals with the provisions of the outdoor recreation program.

The management and uses of state wildlife areas are further defined in NR 1.51. WI Admin Code. While hunting and trapping are the primary public uses for wildlife areas; other uses, such as walking, nature study, berry picking, and other low-impact recreational activities are also allowed. Other compatible open-space uses may be allowed under the property's Master Plan when they do not detract from the primary purpose of the property; however, they may be limited in time and location to avoid interference with wildlife production or survival and public hunting and trapping. 

If you have questions about the use of our wildlife areas, you may find your answer on our FAQ page.





Stamp Announcement 16-24: Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp

Buy your 2016-17 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp at Crex Meadows!  Stamps can be purchased at the front desk beginning June 24th.  This stamp is required for all waterfowl hunters, and also gains you entry to all of the National Wildlife Refuges in the United States.   Stop in to the visitor center to buy one (at face value- $25 each), or email information@crexmeadows.org to arrange to have one mailed to you (you pay for the stamp).

More information about the duck stamp can be found here on this fact sheet provided by the US Fish ahd Wildlife Service.


We send program and event updates and rare bird alerts to those who share their email address with us... if you are interested, please send an email to information@crexmeadows.org and ask that we add you to our list (we do not share our list with other groups, but we may forward announcements from other area wildlife groups, such as our local Audubon group).

Have a question?  Check out our FAQ page for answers about camping, hunting, hiking, horses, snowmobile and ATV use, where to see the cranes, and more!

Wisconsin Hunting and Trapping season dates and regulations can be found HERE. (exit to WI DNR website)

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