Wildlife Update: September 24, 2020

Weather has been back into the 80's this week in the Grantsburg Area, but fall weather looks like it will return over the weekend and into next week. 

We are seeing beautiful fall colors right now in the area! It is a great time to come to Crex to take some pictures or just take a drive to enjoy the changing leaves!

We have been seeing lots of migrating birds coming through the area within the past week, including many small songbirds, shorebirds, some waterfowl, and more. A couple of the bird highlights for this week included: Merlin, Northern Shoveler, Nashville Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, Bonaparte's Gull, Red-necked Phalarope, Great Horned Owl, and more.

Sandhill cranes are beginning to congregate a bit more, but we won’t see a significant increase in numbers for at least the next couple of weeks. We generally see our peak numbers of cranes sometime around the last week in October and into the first week in November.

 If you decide to take a drive or a hike on Crex Meadows, be aware that we are now getting into our fall hunting seasons. Here is the last of species and dates to be aware of:

-Black Bear Hunting with bait only: September 9-October 13

-Black Bear Hunting with bait and dogs: September 16-October 6

-Black Bear Hunting with dogs only: October 7-13

-Regular Goose Season: September 16- December 16

-Wild Ducks: September 26- November 24

-Woodcock: September 19- November 2

-Mourning Dove: September 1- November 29

-Wild Turkey: Zones 1-5: September 12- January 3; Zones 6-7: September 12- November 20

-Ruffed Grouse: September 12- January 3

-Archery and Crossbow: September 12- January 3

-Disabled Deer Hunt: October 3-11

-Youth Deer Hunt: October 10-11 

Birds spotted in Crex Meadows, Fish Lake, Amsterdam Sloughs, and Grantsburg Area within the last week:




American Bittern

American Crow

American Goldfinch

American Kestrel

American Redstart

American Robin

Bald Eagle

Bank Swallow

Barn Swallow

Barred Owl

Belted Kingfisher

Black Tern

Black-capped Chickadee

Blue Jay

Blue-winged Teal

Broad-winged Hawk

Brown Thrasher

Canada Goose

Cedar Waxwing

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Cliff Swallow

Common Grackle

Common Loon

Common Merganser

Common Nighthawk

Common Raven

Common Yellowthroat

Double-crested Cormorant

Eastern Bluebird





Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Towhee

Eastern Whip-poor-will

Eastern Wood-pewee

Field Sparrow

Gray Catbird

Gray-cheeked Thrush

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret

Great Horned Owl

Hairy Woodpecker

Hooded Merganser

House Wren


Least Flycatcher

Lesser Yellowlegs

Lincoln's Sparrow



Mourning Dove

Nashville Warbler

Northern Flicker

Northern Harrier

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Olive-sided Flycatcher


Palm Warbler

Pied-billed Grebe







Purple Finch

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Red-eyed Vireo

Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-tailed Hawk

Red-winged Blackbird

Ring-necked Duck

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Sandhill Crane

Savannah Sparrow

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Short-billed Dowitcher

Song Sparrow


Swamp Sparrow

Tree Swallow

Trumpeter Swan

Turkey Vulture

Vesper Sparrow

White-breasted Nuthatch

Wild Turkey

Wilson's Snipe

Wood Duck

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Yellow-rumped Warbler




Mammals Spotted:


Black Bear

Eastern Chipmunk

Grey Squirrel



Red Fox

Red Squirrel

River Otter

White-tailed Deer

Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel

**See something out on our properties that isn’t on the list? Feel free to send us a report or stop in and tell us the story! We are always happy to hear observations from our visitors!

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